About the award

Change in direction

In the interests of more effectively pursuing the aims of the Jill Todd Photographic Award - that being to promote early careers in photography through the making and exhibiting of new photographic work - from 2019 onwards the Award will be in the form of a substantial Bursary presented to a single degree programme graduate in photography or art.

The outcomes of this process will be exhibited at Stills in Edinburgh in 2020 and then in the subsequent year at Street Level Photoworks in 2021. 

The selection of the successful graduate will be made through a competitive process involving the submission of a up to 750 word proposal (which includes a short C.V.) supported by illustrations of the candidate’s previous photographic work.

About the Bursary

  • A selection of graduates from degree programmes in photography and / or art will be invited to submit a proposal of up to 750 words (including a short C.V.), supported by illustrations of previously made photographic work.
  • A panel of eminent judges drawn from eminent photographic artists, academics and curators will select the successful candidate.
  • The selction will be made based on the quality, content and viability of the "proposal" with the photographic content representing a central role in making the final selection. 
  • The Bursary will be £2,000 and will be awarded in two halves. The first half will be awarded at the announcement of the winner and the second upon the satisfactory completion of the newly made work.
  • Further portions of the Bursary may, at the absolute discretion of the Review Panel and The Jill Todd Trust, be released during photographic work-in-progress. Such will be dependent, among other considerations, on progress regarding the making of new work.
  • The announcement of the 2019-2020 Bursary winner will be made on the 24th August 2019 at opening of The Burgh Hall Art Gallery, Dunoon. 
  • The newly-made work will be required to be completed by April of the year after the announcement.
  • During that August – April period a series of reviews of photographic work-in-progress will be afforded by a small panel drawn from photographic artists, academics, and curators.
  • In addition to the cash award for developing the work, the Bursary Award will include the production of the work to exhibition standard at Stills Gallery, Edinburgh, or Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow, depending on who is exhibiting the outcomes. The level of this will be set by the respective gallery, and presentation will be agreed between the gallery and the artist.
  • Travel and subsistence costs related to the Bursary and up to a maximum of £150 will be reimbursed upon application to The Jill Todd Trust.

Photographic lecture and masterclass

The Bursary winner and all entrants will be invited to:

  • A photographic Lecture on Friday 15th November 2019 at the Hawthornden Gallery, The National Galleries of Scotland, Princes Street, Edinburgh
  • A Masterclass in photography on Saturday 16th November 2019 at 10 am at Stills Gallery, Cockburn Street, Edinburgh

All invitations will be made on a first-come-first-served basis with a maximum of 15 applying to the Masterclass. Both the lecture and Masterclass will be delivered by Garry Fabian-Miller. The lecture is organised in partnership with the Scottish Society for the History of Photography (SSHoP).

Futureproof Prize

“Futureproof” is an initiative organised by Street Level Photoworks which curates a selection of some of the best photography works across the annual degree shows in Scotlandin the Photography and Fine Art Courses at BA level.

As a part of the Jill Todd Photo Award initiative an award of £500 will be made to the graduate whose work at the Futureproof Exhibition is judged to be the best on show. The presentation will be made on the opening night of the respective Futureproof exhibition by invited selectors.