Rules & Terms

Print Sizes

The size and quantity of the prints to be exhibited will be determined by a representative of the Award Team and gallery curator in consultation with the artist. In the event of a dispute the decision of the Award Team representative and curator will prevail and be final.


Competitors will be deemed to have full knowledge of and accepted the conditions and rules of the Jill Todd Photographic Award. Circumstances may arise which are beyond the control of the competition organisers (The Jill Todd Trust) which may unavoidably render the conducting of the competition and award of benefits and prizes impossible. The organisers will take all measures to avoid such occurrences but in the event of any such situations arising will not accept any liability whatsoever. The organisers may at their discretion vary the terms and conditions of the competition which if occurs will be published on the dedicated website. The judges’ decision regarding the selection of the winning entries and all related matters will be final.

Non-acceptance of Work

The Jill Todd Photographic Award Advisory Team and The Jill Todd Trust reserve the right to not accept any submitted work, whether it be that of the winner or otherwise, if in their opinion it does not meet satisfactory standards. In that event the Advisory Team and Trust also reserve the right to withhold any outstanding bursary monies.

Copyright and Usage

Copyright for all images remains with the artist. However the Jill Todd Photographic Award reserves the right to use selected images on its website, and for press promotion of The Award for a period of 5 years. Photographs will not be used for any other purpose, without the express permission of the artist.

Data Protection (Privacy Policy)

  • The Jill Todd Photographic Award [JTPA] takes the form of a photographic competition, hosted by registered charity: The Jill Todd Trust [JTT] Registration number: NIC102553

  • The JTPA is organised by a Scotland-based Advisory Team in conjunction with the JTT.

  • All data received during the JTPA process will be treated in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR] / 25th May 2018.

  • All entrants data including photographic art work will be received electronically via the dedicated JTPA website.

  • Enquiries made by entrants will be enabled via the dedicated email address published on the website and received and responded to by the Chair of the JTT.

  • The Chair may consult with the Chair of the JTPA Judging Panel who is also a member of the Advisory Team.

  • Access to the submitted data and photographic art work will be restricted to the consultant website manager and the JTPA Advisory Team.

  • Submitted art work will be displayed to a selected team of Judges for the purposes of selecting the winners and highly commended entrants of each award.

  • Those judges will be requested to observe and exercise the terms of the GDPR.

  • Submitted email addresses will be retained on the JTT Chair’s secured computer for five years from the year of entering. This is to enable contact be made to provide information regarding the Award to eligible alumni.

  • Entrants email addresses will be added to our mailing list database and will receive JTPA related emails such as entry reminders and event invitations. Entrants can unsubscribe at any time either via the link on any email received or by emailing

  • Those subscribing to the mailing list database via will receive JTPA related emails such as entry reminders and event invitations. Subscribers can unsubscribe at any time either via the link on any email received or by emailing

  • Unless otherwise expressly requested, such data and submitted art work will be deleted upon five years after each respective year of the JTPA.

  • Copyright and use of art work will be implemented as described in the section above named 'Copyright and Usage'.


  • All enquiries should be made by email to:
  • Enquiries will be accepted only if they strictly concern procedural issues.
  • Enquiries which may assist in the production of the enquirer’s proposals or compilation of illustrations will strictly not be accepted.