The Jill Todd Trust and the JTPA Advisory Team...

  • Wish to express their immense gratitude to the LFT Charitable Trust for their longstanding genuine interest in and continuing sponsorship of the Jill Todd Photographic Award, including sponsorship of the 2019 £2,000 Bursary Award.

  • Thank Todd Architects Ltd very much for donating the 2019 FutureProof Prize and sponsoring the 2018 Award’s 2nd Prize.
  • Wish to express their immense thanks for the generous sponsorship of the 2015 and 2016 Second Prize by Jean Hall made in commemoration of the life of her late husband, Chris, a past lecturer in photography at Edinburgh Napier University and Edinburgh College.
  • Thank Edinburgh Napier University for sponsoring the 2018 Photographic Lecture and Master-class. 
  • Thank Iain Miller and Brian Tow for their continuing donations and support.

Sponsorships In Kind

  • Story UK For the design and building of this website, all other related graphic designs and the extensive and professional service and advices without which the Award could not be fully and properly realised. 
  • Stills Scotland’s Centre for Photography for advice, support, hosting the 2015 and 2016 Award Exhibition and providing facilities for the 2018 judging and masterclass. 
  • Street level Photoworks for continuing support, assistance, advice and hosting the 2018 Exhibition.