About Jill

Jill Todd graduated with a first class honours degree in Photography

and Film from Edinburgh Napier University in 2009.

In her last two years at university, Jill’s work centred on gender and media issues through the vehicle of fashion photography, often employing an ironical approach via a ‘comic strip’ aesthetic. Her related final year dissertation involved a feminist critique on the contemporary woman’s collusion with Stripper Culture. An enquiring and talented young artist, she had a particular interest in the potential of fashion photography.

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“The Wonder Woman series was produced in 2007 and displays Jill’s photographic,graphic and photoshop skills. The narrative, scribed by Jill, explains the philosophy which inspired this series.Later examples and developments of Jill’s work will soon be featured on this website.”

Throughout the 2012 Award period more specific studies and appreciations of her work will appear on this website. These photo images are solely intended to represent the work of Jill and must not be construed as being exemplary in the context of the Award competition.”

Her career quickly took off after graduating from Edinburgh Napier. Following an internship at Stills Gallery in Edinburgh, as an emerging talent in Scotland, she went on to win commissions from prestigious organisations including The Royal Bank of Scotland and the Edinburgh Film, Science and Literature Festivals.

Jill’s blossoming career was cruelly ended by a short but aggressive cancer related illness which took her life in October 2010.

The Jill Todd Trust

Jill’s family has set up a trust to commemorate her name.

The Jill Todd Trust, which is a registered charity, number XT2803, is the organising body of the Jill Todd Photographic Award.