2020 / 2021 JTFA established 2nd December 2021

The Jill Todd Trust and the Jill Todd Photographic Award Advisory Team are pleased to announce that from hereon the Award will be in the form of prize-giving to a selection of graduate photographers exhibiting at the annual Futureproof exhibition, to be held this year at Stills Gallery, Edinburgh.

The selection will identify a first, second and third winner and be made by appointed judges.

This new direction is designed to alleviate the enormous physical and creative contribution made by very many volunteers from the world of photography and related organisations over the past ten years, the future dependency of which would be unreasonable, unfair and unsustainable.

The measure of extent of this generous contribution is exemplarily demonstrated when considering that entry to the Award was eligible to degree-course students from twenty four universities and colleges throughout Scotland, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The Trust and Advisory Team wish to express their gratitude to both Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow - organisers of the Futureproof event - and Stills Gallery, Edinburgh for facilitating, what will now be called, the Jill Todd Futureproof Award.