The use of the words “very high quality” when commenting on competition entries is more than often a hackneyed sentiment.

But not in the case of the submissions received from some 34 entrants where the overall quality was so high that the judges found it to be one of the most difficult selection-tasks ever experienced.

Unfortunately, there can only be one bursary winner and in this case that was Kat Gollock from Edinburgh. So, a very well deserved big congratulations to Kat.

The main reason for the JTPA change of format from an open-call competition to that of a single bursary was to follow the Award’s self-determined remit – that being to, after graduation, make a completely new body of work.

As with all submissions, the first and often most difficult stage has been well achieved – that being to devise a proposal, outlining the ideas underpinning the project and how it will proceed.

The JTPA Team therefore hope that such action will spur the continuation of the full photographic process towards making a complete body of new work, which indeed may even develop into something different, or more than was conceived in the original proposal.

The Team thank all for making such high quality submissions thereby making this, the first of many annual JTPA Bursaries, so successful. We hope each entrant, if eligible, will enter again in 2020/21.